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Organic Cotton Potty Leggings

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Soft, organic cotton potty leggings for babies and toddlers. Great for early potty learning, elimination communication (EC) and diaper-free time.

  • Super soft and stretchy organic cotton
  • Built-in stretchy diaper belt waistband
  • Snug around the legs & wide opening to avoid them getting wet or soiled
  • Easy potty trips
  • Tags on exterior for no irritation
  • Long legs to keep legs warm
  • Pair with your favourite diaper - cloth or disposable, under or over, these leggings are so versatile
  • Latest updated design includes a bigger hole at the back to prevent pants from getting wet or soiled

WITH OR WITHOUT DIAPER. You can use the Potty Leggings with or without a diaper. You can switch seamlessly in between diapered time for visitors or going outside and active EC time without the hassle of searching for clothes and redressing baby.

Naked Time: Use Potty Leggings without anything at all! they will keep the legs warm, but stay clean (unless baby has particularly explosive poops). Keep a Komfi Baby Organic Cotton Waterproof Mat and cloth diaper under baby’s bum to catch misses.
Uncovered Diaper-free Time: Use Potty Leggings with a prefold diaper or flat diaper folded up and tucked in. It’s breathable, but catches all the misses while allowing you to easily see wetness. You can use these with Komfi Baby Baby Underwear and Soaker Pads too.
Diapered Time: Use Potty Leggings with a cloth or disposable diaper on top. Adjust the edges of the opening if needed to avoid them getting wet.


95% Organic Cotton
5% Spandex

Sizing Details

Size chart in product images. The diaper belt waistband is very stretchy. If the waist just fits right or slightly snug, it will work perfectly with a prefold or padfolded cloth diaper inserted.

Care Instructions

Wash with gentle detergent on cold and air dry to prevent shrinkage due to heat. Since our organic cotton is a natural material, it will shrink after its first wash. Do not iron. Wash before first use.