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Our Story


Komfi Baby co-founders, Angie and Grigore.

It all started when…

Our first baby was born. We used cloth diapers and practiced elimination communication (baby-led early pottying), also known as EC, from birth. Soon, he was ready to start wearing underwear during the day instead of his bulky cloth. At 5 months old, we searched all our local stores for something suitable. The smallest sizes we could find were for toddlers ages 2 or 3 and up, when the western world typically starts potty training after waiting for "signs of readiness". So, our 5-month-old wear lounged around in underwear that were way too big for him. We had to fold the sides down twice or three times. They slipped down anyways. The leg holes were huge. The waistbands had synthetic material rubbing against our baby's skin which was very sensitive. The material wore out and became rough after many washes. I (Angie) complained to my husband, Co-founder Grigore Decev, and he suggested that we bring the best underwear and EC-friendly clothes in the best material to Canada and make it available to growing eco-conscious and EC community.


 Co-founder, Angie Decev, with her 10-month-old son. "Our first-born son was and is our inspiration for Komfi Baby! A baby we practiced elimination communication (EC) with from birth, he taught us a lot and showed us that our children deserve the best!"

 One day, we were shopping in Korea town, a quaint area in Toronto where Korean goods and amazing food can be found, when we came across a small shop selling clothes. I knew Korean clothes were made with great precision and quality. South Korea is renown for its garment industry, and they seem to do everything better. My own mother worked in a garment factory to help support her family as a student. I dared to ask if they had baby underwear. They had. Only for toddlers though. However, there was a huge difference! The waistbands were soft and stretchy. There was no printing or tags on the inside to irritate the skin. The material was durable, but very light and breathable. We modelled our underwear after these, with a few of our own improvements. And made them in smaller sizes. 

Our other EC-friendly clothes were born out of frustration from attempting pottying with conventional clothes that are designed for infrequent diaper changes and no potty trips until at least age 2. Onesies, numerous snaps, whole outfits getting wet or soiled from an accident were motivation enough for us to think of other clothes that would make EC and potty training much easier and produce less laundry.

So we put our brains together, examined our baby's clothes, compared the conventional clothes to clothes made and designed in Korea, and started laying down plans for Komfi Baby. After much planning, discussing, and communicating with other parents, we bring to you our line of baby underwear, boxers, and EC-friendly clothes with a commitment to always be potty-friendly, sweat-shop free, and organic for all cotton products.

Thanks for stopping by and we hope we can clothe your little one!