Here at Komfi Baby,

We design baby and toddler underwear and gear suitable for potty learning and elimination communication. We are committed to always being potty-friendly, sweat-shop free, and organic for all cotton products.

  • Organic Materials

    All of our cotton products are organic cotton, made from non-GMO seeds and grown pesticide and insecticide free using methods with low environmental impact.

  • Sizes for Babies & Toddlers

    Our underwear start as small as 12 months. We have found this is a good starting size for underwear when practising EC. Potty leggings and other clothes are in even smaller sizes.

  • Comfort They Deserve

    Our clothes are designed with comfort and function in mind. They have lots of stretch, are made of soft, organic materials and tags are sewn on the outside to avoid any irritation.

Meet the Komfi Baby team

Two awesome mamas bringing you the best clothing for early potty learning.

  • Angie, Founder of Komfi Baby

    Angie started Komfi Baby in 2018 after struggling to find baby underwear for her first son that she practised Elimination Communication (EC) with from birth. She designed multiple EC-friendly clothing pieces in the our store and focuses her time on product development, managing social accounts and shipping orders worldwide.

  • Andrea, President of Komfi Baby

    Andrea joined Komfi Baby in 2021. She is passionate about Early Potty Learning and uses Komfi Baby clothes on both of her kids to make potty trips and diapering easier and more fun. She lives off grid in beautiful British Columbia and focuses her time on marketing and connecting with customers. She is also the current shipping hub for Komfi Baby products.