• The Social Community

    Angie, Komfi Baby Founder, practised EC with all 4 of her kids from birth. It is safe to say she is a pro! Check out her Facebook and Instagram for tips, support, and those fun "day in the life" kind of posts.

  • Tried & Tested

    Heidi is a worldschooling mom of 3. Her website has a wide variety of EC resources. She also has a YouTube channel and reviews all kinds of cloth diapers. There's always something new to learn from her!

  • Setting a Foundation

    Ingrid Bauer calls it natural infant hygiene. She wrote this book to show you how to raise your babies with fewer diapers. It's a great book that puts everything into perspective! Check it out here.

  • Baby Needs Potty

    Mayim Balik's book focuses on her experience attachment parenting. Babies need five things and one of those needs is to potty outside of a diaper. A great book for expecting and new parents. Check it out here.

  • One-size-fits-all Potty

    The Baby Bjorn Smart Potty is hands down the most useful potty out there that works from newborn to toilet independence. The insert is great for holding in between your legs for newborns and young babies. The whole potty together is short enough for mobile toddlers.

  • Cloth Diaper Heaven

    Green Mountain Diapers is your one stop shop for everything cloth diaper! Every size, style, material and design you could imagine. Having good cloth diapering supplies makes a world of difference. They last for what seems like forever and really hold their value.

Simple pottying & diapering

Helpful resources paired with practical potty gear make potty learning a breeze! Check out the Komfi Baby store for clothing essentials and useful potty gear.

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