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Bamboo Birdseye Flat Cloth Diaper

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Bamboo flat cloth diapers are great because of their versatility. These simple rectangular flats are more commonly used in South Korea. They can be folded into either a padfold (rectangular and used as an insert or with a diaper belt) or into a more fitted shape (used with a diaper fastener). The Komfi Baby bamboo flats are very breathable and lightweight, which means it dries quickly. It can be folded to have many layers to prevent puddles or leaks.

  • Versatile
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-absorbing
  • Quick-drying
  • Breathable⠀
  • Soft

      The bamboo flats can be used in several ways:

      • As an insert into a cloth diaper cover
      • With a diaper belt
      • With Komfi Baby potty leggings
      • Folded up and layed under baby’s bum as protection


      100% bamboo

      Sizing Details

      Length: 110 cm or 43”
      Width: 90 cm or 35”

      Care Instructions

      Wash as you would cloth diapers: a gentle detergent free of fabric softeners. Wash before first use. Dryer-machine friendly.