Organic Cotton Quilted Waterproof Mat

Organic Cotton Quilted Waterproof Mat


This mat protects your mattress or surface while letting baby/child lie on soft, unbleached, organic cotton! It’s quilted because it has a layer for sturdiness and absorbancy before the waterproof layer underneath. The edges don’t roll in like the flimsy, thin mats out there. Neither is it very thick, like a terry mat which takes forever to dry.

Some features include:

  • Soft organic cotton

  • Machine washable (recommended cold)

  • Dries quickly when hung

  • Edges don’t roll

  • Large size gives space for rolling or crawling

  • Cute design gives toddlers something to talk about

  • Lightweight, but not flimsy

  • Easy to fold and pack

  • 130 cm x 100 cm

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash or machine wash on cold

  • Hang to dry

  • Do not iron

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