Natural Undyed Organic Cotton Baby Underwear

Natural Undyed Organic Cotton Baby Underwear

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The perfect pair of undies! Soft, breathable, 100% organic cotton underwear for babies starting from 6 months old that is ideal for elimination communication (EC) or comfy diaper-free time. Super stretchy waistbands are covered in soft cotton for no irritation for sensitive baby skin. The waist is lower than typical underwear so it fits perfectly under the babies’ tummies that tend to stick out.

  • Stretchy, organic cotton for flexible fit

  • No scratchy elastic waistband

  • Soft and breathable

  • Tags on exterior for no irritation

  • Elastic legholes

  • Darker colours to hide stains and easily indicate any pee misses


This super easy-to-use printable size guide will make sizing so simple! Just print it so that it fills the entire page on standard letter paper and use it to compare to pants you have or your baby without having to look at measurements! The diagrams are to scale in both waist, legholes, and height!

See Size Guide for more information on sizing.

Our undies come pretty tiny. The 6M size is more like 3-6M.

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Why baby undies? Babies can be potty-trained or pottied earlier than what is conventionally popular through a practice called elimination communication. These are super trim and so comfortable so baby can freely move without bulk inbetween the legs. They are also easily pulled up and down.

Komfi Baby Underwear can be converted into training pants by inserting an organic, super absorbent Komfi Baby Soaker Pad inside! No need to buy separate training pants or underwear for after potty training is complete. Use the undies with a pad (or two if your baby is a heavy-wetter) for training and later without for the potty-trained big kid!

100% organic cotton made from non-GMO seeds and grown pesticide and insecticide free using methods with low environmental impact. Although babies won't eat their clothes, they have it in contact with their skin, their largest organ, almost 24 hours a day.

They are designed in Canada by an EC-practicing mom and manufactured in South Korea, Komfi Baby co-founder Angie Decev's country of ethnicity. South Korea is known for their superior garment industry, impeccable quality, and technological savvy. They are also made sweatshop labour free, in safe and fair working conditions.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash with gentle detergent on cold and air dry to prevent shrinkage due to heat. Since our organic cotton is a natural material, it will shrink after its first wash. Do not iron. Wash before first use.

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