Organic Cotton Potty Leggings

Organic Cotton Potty Leggings


Soft organic cotton potty leggings for babies and toddlers ideal for elimination communication (EC), diaper-free time or potty training.

  • Super soft organic cotton

  • Built-in diaper belt waistband

  • Easy potty trips

  • Tags on exterior for no irritation

  • Long legs to keep legs warm

  • Can be used with a prefold

  • Can be used with a diaper on top

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WHY LEGGINGS? These are leggings because the looser the pants are, the more likely that they are going to get soiled or catch some wetness with a pee. Komfi Baby Potty Leggings are breathable, yet snug against the legs to avoid them getting wet or soiled.

BUILT-IN DIAPER BELT! The waistband is super stretchy and wider than normal waistbands. It’s designed to work as a diaper belt! You can fold up a flat or use a prefold that is long enough to tuck into the front and back waistbands. To potty baby, you can just open the front or back, whichever you prefer, and potty baby, then tuck the cloth back in. I can do this completely in arms without having to put baby down.

All babies are different! Some happen to have tinier waists. If the diaper belt is too loose, you can make a small opening and tie the elastic band into a knot. Then you can loosen it when it’s getting too snug! That way, you can maximize how long you use this leggings. But before doing this, try it with whatever diaper system you’re using. Prefolds can be bulky so you may need the extra space!

WIDE OPENING. The Potty Leggings features a wide, round opening rather then the slit of the Komfi Baby Split Pants that are more discreet. This is to prevent the Potty Leggings from getting wet in the front and back. The material is stretchy, so if you use it with a diaper, you can just pull out the sides to be on the outside of the diaper to prevent it from getting wet.

WITH OR WITHOUT DIAPER. You can use the Potty Leggings with or without a diaper. You can switch seamlessly in between diapered time for visitors or going outside and active EC time without the hassle of searching for clothes and redressing baby.

Naked Time: Use Potty Leggings without anything at all! they will keep the legs warm, but stay clean (unless baby has particularly explosive poops). Keep a Komfi Baby Organic Cotton Waterproof Mini Mat and cloth diaper under baby’s bum to catch misses.

Uncovered Diaper-free Time: Use Potty Leggings with a prefold diaper or flat diaper folded up and tucked in. It’s breathable, but catches all the misses while allowing you to easily see wetness. You can use these with Komfi Baby Baby Underwear and Soaker Pads too.

Diapered Time: Use Potty Leggings with a cloth or disposable diaper on top. Adjust the edges of the opening if needed to avoid them getting wet.

95% Organic Cotton

5% Spandex

They are designed in Canada by an EC-practicing mom and manufactured in South Korea, Komfi Baby co-founder Angie Decev's country of ethnicity. South Korea is known for their superior garment industry, impeccable quality, and technological savvy. They are also made sweatshop labour free, in safe and fair working conditions.

Wash with gentle detergent on cold and air dry to prevent shrinkage due to heat. Since our organic cotton is a natural material, it will shrink after its first wash. Do not iron. Wash before first use.

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