Organic Cotton Harem Evolutive Pants

Organic Cotton Harem Evolutive Pants


Stretchy, grow-with-me evolutive, organic cotton pants for babies and toddlers.

Stop constantly buying clothes that baby will grow out of quickly! These pants can be worn by babies 6 months old to running toddlers and are adjustable. For the smaller babies, you pull down the waist and fold up the legs. As they grow, you can adjust how much you fold until they’ve grown into the full length!

  • Stretchy organic cotton

  • One-size: 6 months - 3 years

  • Keeps tummy covered for babies

  • Tags on exterior for no irritation

  • Breathable

  • Gives extra bum space for cloth diapers

  • Harem design

  • Simple, easy-to-match, unisex colours

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WHAT DOES “EVOLUTIVE” MEAN? It means that these pants GROW with your child. They are designed for babies as young as 6 months (or chunky younger infants!) and are adjustable in length and waist to continue to comfortably fit until your toddler finally outgrows the super stretchy waist or length of the pants.

HAREM DESIGN. The Harem design is adorable and functional. Younger babies near more space for their diapers (especially cloth diapers that can be especially bulky). When I dress my baby in a fluffy cloth diaper, it bothers me to put her in pants that add extra pressure to the waist. These don’t do that! As the baby grows older and no longer needs the diaper, she will grow into the pants with the waistband moving to the hips.

ADJUSTABLE LEGS. The legbands can be folded up to make the pants much shorter and fit baby’s tiny legs. As they seamlessly extend to toddler-length legs! You can fold the length bands up less and less until your child doesn’t need them anymore.

BREATHABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT. The organic cotton blend is very stretchy. It’s lightweight and breathable, so it’s great for summer evenings, spring/autumn, indoor use, or layering for winter. They work as excellent, comfortable pajamas as the waistband doesn’t have an uncomfortable elastic in it and can be pulled up to cover that exposed tummy gap common in 2-piece pajamas.

HELPS THE PLANET. The Komfi Baby Harem Evolutive Pants are designed to last your baby into toddlerhood (even longer for slimmer kids), not just a few months like conventional clothes. Your baby may go through 5 different sizes of conventional clothes, while one pair of these pants can outlast them. This means less shopping for you, less worrying about clothes growing small, less waste, less fast fashion. It’s good for everybody!

95% Organic Cotton

5% Elastane

They are designed in Canada by an EC-practicing mom and manufactured in South Korea, Komfi Baby co-founder Angie Decev's country of ethnicity. South Korea is known for their superior garment industry, impeccable quality, and technological savvy. They are also made sweatshop labour free, in safe and fair working conditions.

Wash with gentle detergent on cold and air dry to prevent shrinkage due to heat. Since our organic cotton is a natural material, it will shrink a bit after its first wash. Do not iron. Wash before first use.

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