Organic Cotton 6M-4Y EC Split Pants - Little Bunny Bear

Organic Cotton 6M-4Y EC Split Pants - Little Bunny Bear


LIMITED TIME OFFER These awesome grow-with-me split pants designed by Little Bunny Bear are being distributed by Komfi Baby while supplies last!

*AVAILABLE FOR CANADA AND USA ORDERS ONLY* If you are shipping to a location outside of Canada or the USA, please go to Little Bunny Bear’s website to purchase them.

When practising Elimination Communication / baby pottying, reducing nappy use, healing nappy rash . These split crotch trousers allow your baby to be comfortable and covered when nappy free. Use with a wool puddle pad to protect your soft furnishings if wearing nappy free, or tuck a muslin cloth / prefold into the front and back as a back up diaper. This design also works really well with the Little Bunny Bear nappy belt and cloth:

  • Discretely covers and protects with unique overlapping design

  • No need to remove for pottying

  • Promotes toilet learning

  • Learn baby's cues and signals

  • Reduces waste and washing

  • Tailor made to fit nappy free babies

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ONE SIZE Split crotch trousers for Elimination Communication / potty training. 100% organic cotton Jersey waistband and cuffs, sustainable sourced.

Designed to fit from around 6 months all the way up to 4 years. thanks to their adjustable ankle bands and stretchy roll down waist. On a younger / smaller child, the waistband covers the tummy all the way up to baby's nipples, and the ankles are rolled up. As your baby grow, the waistband can move down and the ankle bands unroll to give length. You can fit them exactly as your child needs as they grow. See measurements below.

Great for EC and infant potty training, these split crotch EC baby trousers will help you when baby is nappy /diaper free and reduce waste and washing.
Find out more and watch a video demo.

Each unique pair is sustainably sourced in partnership with Little Bunny Bear.

Measurements (approx):
Total length from top of waistband to unrolled ankle cuff 68cm
Crotch opening 20-22cm
Waistband width 21cm (unstretched)
Ankle band width 10cm (unstretched)