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Organic Cotton Quilted Waterproof Mat

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This mat protects your mattress or surface while letting baby/child lie on soft, unbleached, organic cotton! It’s quilted because it has a layer for sturdiness and absorbancy before the waterproof layer underneath. The edges don’t roll in like the flimsy, thin mats out there. Neither is it very thick, like a terry mat which takes forever to dry.

  • Dries quickly when hung
  • Large size gives space for rolling or crawling
  • Cute design gives toddlers something to talk about
  • Lightweight, but not flimsy
  • Easy to fold and pack

Perfect for:

  • Diaper-free time for elimination communication
  • Night-time potty training for toddlers
  • Potty station protection
  • Tummy time
  • Laying down for a safe, clean place for baby to play during outings


    GOTS certified unbleached organic cotton. PUL backing.

    Sizing Details

    130 cm x 100 cm

    Care Instructions

    Hand wash or gentle machine wash on cold or warm. Hang to dry. Do not iron. Take care to not wash with sharp or metal objects like zippers