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EC Private Consultation
EC Private Consultation
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EC Private Consultation

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Elimination Communication (EC) is a wonderful parenting practice that is healthier of baby, cleaner for baby, better for the environment, and can often save you hundreds of dollars. However, because EC is not well-known, it can feel daunting and the journey seemingly filled with bumps. Many ECing parents feel alone or alienated without any real support.

Book a private, one-on-one consultation bundle with ECing expert, Angie Decev, founder of Komfi Baby!



Angie has successfully practiced EC with 2 children: a boy and a girl with vastly different personalities. Since starting EC with her firstborn, she has opened Komfi Baby, an EC-friendly shop, connected with thousands on her @eliminationcommunication pages on social media, and encouraged many who have needed help.

When Angie started EC with her first, she felt alone. She had nobody in her local community who ECed or even cloth diapered! She spent countless hours researching, watching her baby, and trying techniques. She has gone through the journey twice with her two children without much support and knows first-hand many of the frustrations and difficulties people may deal with such as:

  • Lack of support
  • ECing when out
  • Facing negativity
  • ECing on flights or cross-country moves
  • Struggling with feelings of failure
  • Comparing your journey with others
  • ECing while exhausted
  • ECing after a traumatic birth
  • ECing while emotionally struggling
  • Not understanding the process
  • Unrealistic expectations (of self or baby)
  • Sudden potty pauses
  • ECing during illness or poor sleep
  • Night-time EC
  • Struggling with your ever-changing baby

Her 2 children were both starting using the potty from birth and gradually used less and less diapers until out of diapers (around 16-17 months).



Book your one-on-one, confidential, private consultation with Elimination Communication expert, Angie. With her chemical engineering background, years of tutoring, and first-hand experience, she brings her own experience, analytical thinking, and heart to help others to the meeting.

Each one-on-on private consultation includes:

  • A live voice call (using Zoom) that is 30-45 min long, depending on the bundle
  • Complete confidentiality
  • An opportunity to explain your specific situation
  • A discussion of practical steps to take
  • An opportunity to ask EC or parenting-related questions
  • A recording of the call emailed to you
  • Notes from the meeting emailed to you



Sometimes reading is not enough. These consultations are perfect for anybody who:

  • Is pregnant and wants to know more than you can find online
  • Hasn't begun EC with their baby
  • Has started EC and wants to know how to move forwards
  • Has started EC and is struggling
  • Wants to understand what gear/tools their specific family will find useful
  • Needs positive encouragement in their ECing journey
  • Needs a listening ear and supportive tips
  • Is navigating the differences between EC and potty training
  • Needs an honest opinion on what to purchase
  • Is navigating their toddler's growing independence
  • Wants to know what approach to take to finish EC
  • Learns well by discussing rather than just reading
  • Has specific questions about EC and potty learning
  • Wants to approach the potty with a gentle, child-centric, gradual process



There are a few standard bundles available. If you need a custom bundle, email us and we can work out something to suit your needs.

  • BUNDLE A: 1 Live Consultation (30 min) + 1 Follow-up Email
  • BUNDLE B: 1 Live Consultation (45 min) + 1 Follow-up Email
  • BUNDLE C: 2 Live Consultations (90 min total*) + 2 Follow-up Emails
  • BUNDLE D: 2 Live Consultations (120 min total*) + 3 Follow-up Emails

*The 2 live consultations will have a combined total number of minutes. You can chose to use more in your first consultation, then less in your second or vice versa. This gives you control and flexibility in how you use your consultation time according to your needs.



After you start implementing the tools you've gained in your one-on-one private consultation, you may have some follow-up questions or feedback. Each follow-up email you purchase comes after the consultation and is your opportunity to confidentially ask any specific questions you had that is easy to do so over email. Angie will respond in as much as she can and if the topic is too vast to discuss over email, she may respond then suggest another live consultation.


After you purchase your bundle, you will be emailed to set up your consultation(s) as well as fill out a form that will help prepare Angie for the meeting as well as save time during your consultation. All meeting notes, recordings, and suggested resources will be emailed to you after each meeting. You will then have the opportunity to utilize your follow-up emails whenever you feel the need to.

If, for any reason, you are not able to attend your consultations, you can email us to reschedule. And if, for any reasonable reason, you decide that you no longer need your bundle, you contact us by email and you may be refunded.