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Breathable, organic, vegan.

Organic cotton
underwear for
babies & toddlers

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6 months & up

Babies that do elimination communication (EC), are potty trained early, or are on the smaller side need underwear too! That's why we've created baby 100% organic cotton, breathable, comfortable underwear and boxers!

Soaker pads absorb 10x their weight in under 2 seconds!

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Undies + Pads = Instant cloth trainers!

A single soaker replaces 6 layers of microfiber terry and 12 layers of French terry. The bamboo makes it so incredibly soft that you may just end up using it for your face! The surface stays soft after extended use, unlike how other materials roughen over time. They can be inserted into underwear, trainers, covers, or cloth diapers and be re-used for multiple babies.

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The cutest
boxer shorts

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split pants

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Organic Cotton

All of our products that are cotton use organic cotton. We lay clothes directly against our children's skin, their largest organ, almost 24 hours a day for most of their lives. Organic cotton is grown from non-GMO seeds and without the intentional use of pesticides and insecticides, which means less chemicals against baby's skin and especially their genitals!


EC-friendly, parent-friendly

Komfi Baby underwear and clothes are designed to provide families with support on their elimination communication (EC) journey! Many ECed babies are in underwear much earlier than 2 or 3 years of age and families have difficulty finding options for them. Also most baby clothes are designed for infrequent diaper changes and definitely not for potty trips!


Made in the amazing South Korea

Our garments are made sweat-shop labour free in South Korea, the country of co-founder Angie's ethnicity. Angie's mother was born there and worked in the garment industry. Not only has South Korea become a beacon of development in Asia, its people are known for their diligence, tenacity through difficulties, and customer service.

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Always vegan and cruelty-free

Komfi Baby is committed to not supporting any form of animal cruelty or abuse. We will never offer products made from animal skins, hair, or fur.


Proudly Canadian

Komfi Baby is proud to be a Canadian business located in Quebec. We are grateful for the wonderful opportunities to make a difference in our country. 


Mama-designed, mama-run

Komfi Baby was born from the frustrations and needs of a naturally-minded mom who practiced elimination communication (EC) with her baby. It supports her journey of running a business to meet a need and support her family while still providing the level of care and attention she would like to for her family and young children.