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Am I Gonna EC This Baby?

I learned about Elimination Communication (EC) or Natural Infant Hygiene while being pregnant with my first baby. I didn’t tell many people about what our plan was. I assumed they thought I was weird enough by choosing to cloth diaper when absolutely none of my friends and acquaintances where I lived did so. Also, I wasn’t sure if EC would really work. I was convinced in the theory of EC after reading about it, reflecting on the families I’ve seen in remote villages in developing countries, and thinking about the concept. However, I wasn’t convinced enough to be vocal or public about our plan to EC our son because I didn’t have friends who had tried or even knew about full-time EC. It was only after a quite successful month or two that I really was brave enough to mention it in conversation with friends.

EC was a wonderful experience with our firstborn. So much so that I started an Instagram account (@eliminationcommunication) purely to promote and educate about EC. Soon enough, friends (especially pregnant ones) would ask me about it. There’s really a dearth of awareness about EC! 

When I became pregnant with my second, I was quieter on social media about our expecting a baby. However, those that saw in person would almost always ask whether I was going to EC this baby. I wonder if they thought I would say “No” because I would be busy with a toddler and a newborn. Or because it was a lot of work. Or because they thought I would think it was too much work and just go the conventional route with this baby.

But, I always said “Yes!”. Yes to less cloth diapers to wash. Yes to cleaner private parts, less cleaning, and no diaper rash! Yes to gradual learning rather than a sudden change in expectations. 

Will I be practicing EC in the exact same manner as I did the first time around? Definitely not. I’d say most of it will be the same, but not everything. Firstly, my second born is a girl. So I intend to be very vigilant with poops to keep her clean and prevent any urinary tract infections. Also, her anatomy is different so this may impact how well our potties will work for her. But, most of all, my attitude will be a bit different. I’ll be more relaxed and have more realistic expectations. 

After having ECed my first baby, I can’t see poop the same way again. It’s like how becoming a mother changes your perspective on children forever. At least, it did for me. Having a baby surely changes how one sees eliminations (pee and poop). However, ECing a baby ingrained in me where poop belongs, how intelligent and aware babies are, and how much cleaner EC is.

Is EC a lot of work? Sure. I don’t see catching poops as more work because it’s easier than the cleaning up a soiled diaper or baby. However, trying to catch pees if you’re not cloth diapering may seem like an incredible waste of time. I’m using cloth again, so it’s also worth the effort to keep baby dry and clean. 

If I have another baby, I’ll EC him/her as well!

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